Terry Jeffords Costume

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Dress up as Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews)

Dress up as big guy, Sergeant Terry (I love how they still used his real first name)

Terry Jeffords Crews - Outfit from Brooklyn Nine Nine

Dark Bald Cap
Wear a bald cap over your head

Sport a pair of suspenders

Button Down Shirt
Wear a basic white button down shirt

You’ll need to trim a portion of this as Terry has a thinner beard

Police Badge
Remove the chain and clip onto the belt

Bonus: Muscle Shirt
Terry is a very beefy guy and unless you’ve been hitting the gym, you might need an artificial alternative. You can wear this under your oxford shirt. It might create some creases here and there so this would really be more for the gag rather than for accuracy

Dress up as the other Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cops:


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