Mabel Pines Costume

Gravity Falls (Cartoon)

Dress up as Mabel Pines

Be all smiles as Mabel Pines and show off your shiny braces!
Siblings – dress up as twins, Dipper and Mabel!
Trivia: she was born 5 minutes before Dipper
Makeup: rosy cheeks

Mabel - Gravity Falls Costume - Pines

Long Brown Wavy Hair
The cheerful girl has long brown hair

Fuschia Head Band
Sport a head band in a hot pink shade

Fake Braces
Relive your childhood and sport braces again for a day! Do handle them gingerly – as you would expect, these fake ones aren’t as durable as the real deal.

Chunky Turtleneck Sweater
Mabel loves to wear chunky sweaters! She’s seen sporting several different designs – lightning bolt, heart, etc. but the one that really stands out is her rainbow design, which is shown in many posters. Also, rainbows really fit her bubbly, optimistic personality! Here is a Mabel sweater replica available for adults. I just wished it had a turtleneck detail

Pink Neck Warmer
To compensate for the lack of turtleneck on the sweater above, you can wear this neck warmer

Purple Fit Skirt
Mabel’s skirt isn’t depicted with much detail but based on the drawing, it seems that it is a more stretchy type of skirt, as opposed to a flowy skater cut. Wear the sweater over the skirt – don’t tuck in. For the shoes, I’d go for black ballerina flats or flat Mary Jane shoes. Wear a pair of plain white socks

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