Professor Utonium Costume

Powerpuff Girls

Dress up as Professor Utonium

Dressing up as the Powerpuff Girls’ creator / father is super simple! Check it out below.

professor utonium costume - powerpuff girls

Black Necktie
The professor wears a basic suit and tie underneath a lab gown. That simple!

Lab Gown
Just wear an easy white lab gown over your suit. For the pants, any office / dress pants will do, plus a pair of black shoes. For added effect, put some pens on your pocket

Plastic Test Tube
Bring a test tube with you as a prop. I chose this one as it’s made from plastic and easier / safer to bring around.

Dress up as the other Powerpuff Girls Characters

Click on the characters below to view their costume guides:

The Powerpuff Girls

The Other Main Characters


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