Costume for the Mayor of Townsville

Powerpuff Girls

Dress up as The Mayor of Townsville

The mayor of Townsville is super fun to dress up as! You get to wear a monocle, a top hat, a mustache, a bow tie, a sash, AND you have a super brainy hottie as your assistant! Couples can dress up as the mayor and Ms. Bellum, the assistant (I know the mayor has a wife but the mayor and the wife seem to be estranged hehe. Besides, this is just a costume party!)

townsville mayor costume - powerpuff girls

Mini Black Hat
The mayor wears a black hat. If you notice on the photo, his hat is way smaller than his head, so this mini black hat is a very good choice! Just make sure you remove the embellishments

Black Top Hat (Regular Size)
If you prefer a proper-sized top hat, here’s one with positive reviews

I love monocles! I wish I could wear them to work, but alas, all I can do is find an excuse to wear them during costume parties!

White Mustache
Stache + monocle + top hat = awesomeness!

White Eyebrows
You can also buy white eyebrows. It is not a crucial element but it will certainly lend an extra cartoonish feel to your costume. This also comes with a beard, which you can use for another costume. OR – you can trim up the beard and use that for the Mayor’s white mustache

Red Bow Tie
A simple red bow tie is all you need. Pair with a white oxford shirt.

Yellow Tuxedo Vest
The mayor wears a 3-piece suit. Wear a vest in a shade of yellow

Purple Blazer
Over the vest, he wears a purple blazer.

White Boutonniere
Wear a simple white flower boutonniere pinned on your left lapel

Blue Sash
Now for a fun and quick DIY project! Buy this plain blue sash (this is colored royal blue). Print out in thick, bold letters (Arial Black or Impact font is a good choice) the word “MAYOR”. Using double sided tape, stick onto the sash. Voila! You can now be the Mayor of Townsville and call Powerpuff Girls with their special funny-looking phone

Pinstripe Pants
Any pair of dress pants should do the trick. Ideally a pinstripe one is best. Wear a pair of Oxford shoes to go with this snazzy outfit

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