Ashley Funicello Spinelli Costume

Recess (Disney)

Dress up as Ashley Funicello Spinelli

Call her Spinelli for short. This tomboy is a huge fan of wrestling and is not one you should mess with! She’s the muscle of the gang, and has the unique ability to intimidate others to get answers. Trivia: the wrestling fan happens to be very good with the arts, too! She has a very cool street style. Be sure to bring her intimidating spunk with you as well!

Disney Recess Spinelli Costume - Ashley Cartoon

Slouchy Beanie Hat
Wear a slouchy beanie hat in a shade between brown and orange.

Orange Hair Elastics
Tie your hair into 2 tiny pigtails using orange/red hair elastics

Gray / Silver Military Jacket
Spinelli rocks out in a gray military jacket. This one has those nice shoulder epaulet details like Ashley’s does and the metal hardware on this jacket solidifies her role in the gang. If you have any rugged jackets in your closet, feel free to substitute with that as well.

Red Tank Dress
Pear with a casual tank dress in a red or deep rust-colored shade. I think this dress fits her perfectly. It’s a casual dress loose enough to fit her style.

Orange Striped Tights
Underneath, she wears a pair of tights with an orange striped pattern. You can also opt for a pair of knee-highs instead.

Motorcycle Ankle Boots
For the boots, I’d go for something chunky and very rock-star like this pair!

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