Gustav “Gus” Griswald Costume

Recess (Disney)

Dress up as Gustav Patton “Gus” Griswald

Gus is a fearful little kid who isn’t very popular in school. Ironically, he came from a military family. That being said, he does show off his leadership skills when the situation calls for it, and is quite the lean, mean dodgeball machine. To better look like Gus, consider getting a crewcut – very appropriate for someone coming from a military family.

Gustav Griswald - Recess Costume Disney

Eyeglasses with Thick Squarish Frames
Gus wears a pair of eyeglasses with thick squarish frames. This wayfarer should do the trick.

Green Button Down Shirt
Wear a green short-sleeved button down shirt. Fold the sleeves once to get the same look as Gustav’s. Tuck the shirt inside the pants.

Dark Green Pants
Pair off with pants in a darker shade of green to keep with the military motif. You may want to fold the green pants so that the length is shorter than what you would usually be accustomed to. This is how Gus wears them.

Brown Belt
Wear a brown belt – I’m sure most of you have this in your wardrobe.

Brown Loafers
Brown loafers and white socks

Calculator Watch
Wear an old-school watch like this one.

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