Gretchen Gloria Grundler Costume

Recess (Disney)

Dress up as Gretchen Gloria Grundler

Gretchen is the child prodigy / genius of the gang. Find out how to dress up as her below. She seems to be pegged after Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

Be sure to use some eyeliner to make freckles on your face – on both cheeks. If you want to take it to the next level, you can also wear big front teeth! Additional prop idea: Galileo, her hand-held computer.

Gretchen Grundler - Costume for Recess Cartoon

Huge Eyeglasses
Her most distinct feature – the extremely huge eyeglasses! Get one preferably with a hexagon frame. So happy when I saw this!

Optional: Big Front Teeth
If you want to take it to the next level, you may want to wear fake teeth with huge 2 front teeth. This is a set which comes with a whole bunch of different funny, fake teeth

Pink Hair Elastic
Tie your long hair into pigtails like Gretchen – tie them at the lower part of your hair so that your hair still droops down like Gretchen’s

White Blouse with Puff Sleeves
The first layer of your outfit: Wear a white blouse with puff sleeves like this one. It even has a Peter Pan collar just like Gretchen’s! I love the ruffles – they will give your outfit an even more child-like touch

Light Blue Sleeveless Dress
Over the blouse, wear a sleeveless dress like this one. Make sure the Peter Pan collar shows on top. This has a very cute vintage feel to it

Pink Bow Belt
Cinch your waist with a cute pink bow belt!

Pink / Coral Socks
Wear pink-hued socks. For added detail, make one sock longer than the others just like in Gretchen’s photo above

Brown Sneakers (Keds)
Finish off with a pair of brown sneakers. You can never go wrong with a pair of Keds ;)

Dorothy – Wizard of Oz Costume
You may also want to consider buying a costume set patterned after Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, since her outfit bears some similarities

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