Theodore Jasper “TJ” Detweiler Costume

Recess (Disney)

Dress up as Theodore Jasper “T.J.” Detweiler

TJ is the leader of the Recess gang, and is quite the prankster. He is also very brave and selfless, which is probably why he was able to assume leadership of the gang. Add some freckles on both cheeks using eye liner.

Recess - TJ Detweiler Costume - Disney Cartoon

Red Baseball Cap
His rebelliousness starts with his wearing his baseball cap backwards.

Green Jacket
Wear a green jacket, unzipped, preferably with pockets on both sides.

Green Bomber Jacket
Here’s another option for the jacket. It has those details on the collar and the bottom like TJ’s does. Wear a basic white crewneck top underneath. Finish off with a pair of jeans and red sneakers.

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