Margaret Wade Costume

Dennis the Menace

Dress up as Margaret Wade

Additional effects: add some freckles on your face.
Personality: Know-it-all nagger who thinks she will marry Dennis some day

Margaret Wade Outfit - Dennis the Menace

Round Eyeglasses
She wears a pair of eyeglasses with a very thin frame just like this one

Orange Wig with Curls
Margaret has orange hair with curls on the side. This wig, based on the photo, seems like a very close match! Take note though that there haven’t been any reviews about the wig, but the supplier has had good reviews on their other wigs

Set of 2 Black Hair Bows
Attach a black ribbon on both ends of your hair / wig

Ruffled Blouse
Margaret’s Blouse is a pink top with puffy sleeves. I like this one because it has ruffle details as well to give it a more girly look. Take note that the sizing of this runs small

Black Skater Skirt
A black skater skirt is a great choice – it has that nice flared look.

Lace Bloomers
Optional: underneath, you may want to wear a pair of lace bloomers and have the ruffled ends peek out a bit to mimic the way Margaret’s outfit is drawn.

Black Flats
A pair of black flats such as these, which look kinda like Mary Jane shoes, fits the bill nicely. Plus, these shoes are comfy, too!

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