Gina Gillotti Costume

Dennis the Menace

Dress up as Gina Gillotti

Gina is the girl of Dennis’ dreams, if he ever had one – she likes to play sports, isn’t afraid of creepy crawlies, and enjoys hanging out with Dennis. Her outfit is just the right mix of feminine and comfortable.

Couples: dress up as Gina and Dennis!

Gina Gillotti Cosplay Outfit - Dennis the Menace

Lavender satin headband
First up is her lavender headband

Turtleneck Sweater – Light Pink
She is usually seen wearing a turtleneck. In some cases, it’s lavender, in some it’s pink (as in the case of the cartoons). I saw this nice pastel pink one which is thin enough to be used for layering with her outer sweater.

Chunky Orange Sweater
She wears a chunky, comfy orange sweater over her turtleneck, and this seems to be a good choice. It’s a perfect fall piece, too!

Capri Pants
For the pants, she goes for a pair of lavender cutoffs. This one is tighter than what she wears but the color is spot on. If you can find one with a looser fit that would be perfect.

Black Belt
She wears a black belt around her sweater. In many pictures, it almost seems like the belt is floating around her sweater, hehe! I chose this adjustable one for convenience. For the shoes, wear a simple pair of black flats

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