Joey McDonald Costume

Dennis the Menace

Dress up as Joey McDonald

Personality: timid, a little naive
Best friends can go as Joey and Dennis

Joey McDonald Outfits from Dennis the Menace Costume

Bald Cap
Joey only has a few bangs at the front for hair, so you will need a bald cap and some makeup to mimic the bangs. Be sure to buy spirit gum to attach it onto your head

Zero Fabric Patch
Joey wears a distinct graphic tee with a bull’s eye print. There isn’t one available over on Amazon but what you can do is use a fabric patch of a zero like this one and just stitch on the middle of your tee. Even easier: just buy some felt paper or art paper, cut it up into circles and stick onto your top with some masking tape :) Wear a plain pair of black shorts, red/white sneakers, and yellow socks bunched together

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