Gretchen Wieners Costume (Lacey Chabert)

Mean Girls

Dress up as Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert)

The daughter of the inventor of Toaster Strudel can’t help it if she’s popular! Dress up as the A-lister through this easy guide. Don’t forget to keep saying “Fetch”! Cause yes, it is going to happen

Costume - Gretchen Mean Girls

Crop Long-Sleeve Top
First up: a crop long-sleeved pink top. It’s Wednesday, so let’s wear pink! Based on the product info, sizes of the top may run small so may want to choose a size up. Check their details to verify.

Square Pendant Necklace
Gretchen wears a necklace with a square pendant. Hers seems to have something inscribed on it, but a plain square pendant should carry the look across just the same

Brown Plaid Skirt
Gretchen’s plaid skirt is actually a pencil cut, but I was unable to find a pencil cut with a pattern, and we all know based on the dress code that you can’t have all solids for your outfit! This is a pretty cute alternative. On the photo, she pairs it with strapped high heeled shoes. For her earrings, wear studs.

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