Dress up as Regina George (Rachel McAdams)


Mean Girls

Dress up as Regina George (Rachel McAdams)

Regina’s Pink Outfit

On Wednesdays, we wear pink! So you wanna dress up as the Queen Bee herself? Better make sure you bring that attitude with you, too! As a prop, you may want to bring a burn book.

Regina Mean Girls Costume Rachel McAdams

Long Straight Blonde Wig
Regina has beautiful long, straight blonde hair.

Semi-Crop White Camisole
Wear a simple white spaghetti strap camisole, that’s semi-crop

Light Pink Cardigan
Wear a light pink cardigan – a sweet piece that betrays her dangerous edge. Keep the jacket unbuttoned

Pink Tennis Skirt
Wear a pink pleated tennis mini skirt

Letter R Initial Pendant Necklace
Regina wears a necklace carrying a bedazzled letter R pendant.

Hot Pink Pumps
To finish off the Wednesday pink ensemble – hot pink pumps!

Burn Book Notebook
A notebook is available with the burn book design!

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Regina’s Bra Cutout Tank Top Outfit

Remember when Cady cut out her tank top but failed to bring the queen bee down? Regina rocked out that boob cutout tank top! This is the perfect quick costume idea if you procrastinated once again this Halloween. All you need to do is either cut out your tank top to reveal a purple bra inside OR if you are not a fan of destroying clothes, you can simply stick circle cut-outs of purple paper and stick on each side. Finish off with a nice flared skirt and black pumps

mean girls bra cutout tank


Long Straight Blonde Wig
Regina has beautiful long, straight blonde hair.

White Tank Top
Get yourself a cheap white tank top you’re willing to cut holes in. Or better yet – check if you have an old one lying around in your closet!

Purple Bra Top
Wear a purple crop top to get the bra effect while still sticking to your comfort zone.

Black Mini Skirt
A mini skirt (chose a pleated skort because it looks cute, has a nice cut, and looks comfortable) and a confident walk is all you need

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