GoGo Tamago Costume

Big Hero 6

Dress up as GoGo Tamago

Look super cool as the bad-ass of the bunch – GoGo Tamago!

Extra prop idea: chew some gum

GoGo Tamago Costume Big Hero 6

Short Wig with Spiky Layers
She sports a short wig with spiky layers at the bottom, just like this wig! The wig has also gotten quite a lot of good reviews.

Purple Dye
A few streaks of her hair are colored purple.

White Tank Top
Wear any basic white tank top. I would suggest one with a thin, heather look – which seems to be what GoGo is wearing.

Short / Cropped Leather Jacket
Now to look extra cool – wear a cropped black leather jacket! I can think of a thousand other times I’d wear a cropped jacket like this one.

Black Fingerless Gloves
What goes great with a biker jacket? Some biker gloves!

Purple / White Wristband
Wear a purple / white wristband on your right wrist, over your glove

Cropped Leggings
Underneath the shorts, wear a pair of cropped black leggings

Black Track Shorts
Wear a pair of track running shorts. I was pleased to see this piece had some red details like the one our speedy superhero wears!

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