Honey Lemon Costume

Big Hero 6

Dress up as Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon lives up to her name – her outfit is predominantly yellow and she has a super sweet personality!

Honey Lemon Costume - Big Hero 6

Yellow Headband
First up – wear a yellow headband.

Honey Blonde Wig
Honey Lemon has nice honey blonde hair… it’s a browner shade of blonde

Big Eyeglasses
I LOVE this pair! The frame is as big as the one Honey Lemon sports!

Yellow Dress
A shift dress or one with a straight skirt portion would be best, just like this one.

Yellow Long Cardigan
You can opt for a long yellow cardigan like this one or a coat. I especially love the chunky cable knit texture of this piece.

Thin Yellow Cardigan
This long cardigan is made from a thinner material, if you prefer.

White Leggings / Tights
Wear a pair of tights. The footless kind will work fine since you’ll be wearing socks over them

Pastel Orange Socks
Wear a pair of medium length socks in a nice shade of pastel orange like this one

Platform High Heeled Shoes
She wears a pair of platform shoes. Based on the photo, this one has the perfect light yellow shade!

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