Yokai Costume

Big Hero 6

Dress up as Yokai

The main antagonist in the movie is a mysterious masked villain.

Big Hero 6 - Yokai - Callaghan Costume

Red/White Kabuki Mask
His most distinct feature is a red and white kabuki mask

Black Ski Mask
Wear a black ski mask before wearing your kabuki mask

Black Gloves
Wear a pair of black gloves so you can easily steal other people’s science experiments… or just so you could look cool

Long Black Coat
Get yourself a nice structured black coat like this one and keep the coat unbuttoned. Underneath the coat, wear a basic black long-sleeved shirt (something with a zipper would be an even better match) and black pants

Black Mock Turtleneck Zipped Sweater
If you look closely, he wears a zipped black sweater underneath the coat, zipped all the way up. I think this one is perfect – the red zipper detail is an extra touch that ties in with his kabuki mask

Black Ninja Shoes
For stealth purposes, he wears a pair of ninja shoes. On the legs, he has some leg wraps, which you can mimic with bandage

Sports Wrap (White)
This is a sports wrap you can tie around your leg, right above the ninja shoes

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