Athlete Andrew Clark Costume

The Breakfast Club

Dress up as The Athlete – Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez)

The athlete predictably wears a jock attire consisting of a tank top (he’s part of the wrestling varsity team), a varsity jacket, and rubber shoes. He wears a plain pair of jeans. John Bender couldn’t have said it better when he remarked: “I have such a deep admiration for guys who roll around on the floor with other guys”

Couples: Dress up as Andrew and Allison (Basketcase)

Andrew Clark Breakfast Club Costume - Emilio Estevez

Blue Jersey Tank Top
Andrew’s tank top is from Nike. You can also buy a generic one at a cheaper price

Varsity Letter Jacket
Andrew wears a varsity jacket with the initial ā€œSā€ on it. The colors revolve around gray and blue. This jacket manages to get the blue color scheme and varsity look across and it also has an “S” on it.

Saint Michael Circle Pendant Necklace
I’ve been trying to closely inspect photos of Andrew Clark to see what kind of necklace he sports but all I can see is a silver circle pendant. This St. Michael pendant necklace might be a good idea – perhaps the pendant necklace was some sort of good luck charm for the jock?

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