John Bender Costume

The Breakfast Club

Dress up as John Bender (Judd Nelson)

The criminal really looks the part, wearing some very bad-ass clothing combinations. The good thing is you can most likely use all these pieces again for everyday wear! Okay, I admit – I had a huge crush on this guy!

Couples: Dress up as John Bender and Claire Standish

Tip: Bring a match as an extra prop. Plus points if you can light it with your teeth haha! (Adult supervision required)

Breakfast Club - John Bender Outfit - Judd

Red Plaid Short Sleeved Shirt
Make sure you wear a plaid shirt that isn’t too tight as you will be wearing a long-sleeved top underneath

White Long-Sleeved Top
Wear a plain white long-sleeved top underneath the plaid shirt.

Denim Jacket
Over the plaid shirt, wear a rugged denim jacket

Fingerless Cowhide Gloves
There’s always something rebellious about wearing a pair of gloves. Probably because it’s associated with motorcycles. In any case, here’s a pretty inexpensive pair that should help you look the part.

In some photos, he sports a pair of sunglasses

Black Motorcycle Boots
Wear a pair of black boots, ideally motorcycle boots (they’re not the lace-up type). Tie a red bandana around the right boot

Red Bandana
This bandana is big enough to wrap around your right boot. Based on the photo, John Bender’s bandana seemed to have a white paisley print too

Gray Trench Coat
In certain scenes, he wears an unbuttoned trench coat then wraps a scarf around his neck. The man loves to layer and is such a stark contrast to Andrew Clark’s outfit!

Then go to an open field and raise your fist!

john bender victory

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