Allison Reynolds Costume

The Breakfast Club

Dress up as Allison Reynolds, The Basket Case (Ally Sheedy)

For your hair: mess it up a bit to mimic the basket case’s do
Makeup: put black eyeliner
Added prop: Cereal sandwiches (with extra sugar!)

Couples: Dress up as Allison and Andrew Clark!

Breakfast Club Allison Reynolds Outfit

Actually, Allison’s fashion sense is pretty cool. Just a few adjustments, and it would look great even in today’s standards!

Baggy V-Neck Sweater
Get a sweater that hangs loose like Allison’s. Ultra comfy!

Cat Print Scarf
She wears a black and white shawl/scarf. I saw this cat print one which I think adds an extra eccentric touch to the whole outfit.

Slouchy Messenger Bag
This really fits the bill and looks like Allison’s bag! Wear it cross-body style

Long Gray Skirt
She wears a long gray skirt. The sweater is worn over the skirt for a baggy look.

Gray Leggings
As if she isn’t covered enough, she wears gray leggings underneath the skirt, too! And then she wears white socks over them and a pair of sneakers

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