Dress up as Anger

Inside Out (Pixar)

Dress up as Anger

Anger, which I confess is one of the top 3 most prevalent emotions of mine, is appropriately colored red and dressed up in a basic office attire. That makes sense – a stiff attire like that fits his personality; and who doesn’t get angry at work, when all the deadlines pile up?

Inside Out - Anger Cosplay

All you need are a pair of office pants, a pair of office shoes, and the ff. items:

Red Face Paint
You will want to paint your face (and ideally, the rest of your exposed skin) red to truly get into character. This is one of the most often-bought red face paint online and reviews have been generally positive – it’s durable and long-lasting for a pretty decent price

Short-Sleeved Work Shirt
Since his arms are pretty short, it’s actually not easy to tell whether he’s wearing short sleeves or long sleeves. But I am leaning towards the short sleeves – I think Anger would be pretty pissed with having to deal with the extra long sleeves fabric hehe. For extra detail, fold your sleeves once.

Red Necktie
You can get away with any red-colored necktie, but if you can find something with an angry, erratic print like the one on Anger’s tie, then that would be even more awesome! The zigzag patterns on this one aren’t as crazy, but adds a subtle touch

Red Wig
This is a fun addition to the costume. Wear a spiked red wig to mimic Anger when he’s angry and his head is on fire

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Inside out - Joy's Outfit Cosplay

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