Disgust’s Outfit

Inside Out (Pixar)

Dress up as Disgust

Disgust was patterned after the broccoli, one of Riley’s most detested food items. Bring on a snobby attitude, put on a lot of green, don a fashionable retro outfit, and you’re good to go!

Makeup: purple lipstick, green eyebrows, green sparkly mascara. Also, apply a lighter layer of green face paint on the cheek area then use some pink blush.

Inside Out - Disgust Outfit

Green Face Paint
Slather on green face paint all over your face and body

Green Wig
What you want is a wig in a nice vegetable green hue. This wig is just the right length and has been given generally positive reviews. And it has those fly-aways too!

Glitter Mascara
To get the glittery eyelashes, use a green mascara with glitters. Many people recommend adding back mascara to your lashes first before applying this, to bring out the glitters. You may also want to add extra coats to make it extra glittery, like Disgust’s.

Purple Neckerchief
Get yourself a neckerchief, ideally one made from a sheer material.

Green Retro Swing Dress
What you want is a dress with a nice 50s swing cut to it. This one already comes with a waist belt detail.

Lime Green Waist Belt
This is optional since the dress already comes with a faux belt, but if you want that additional shade of green then get yourself a bright green belt to make it pop against the darker shade on your dress! I especially love the cute transparent look with just the green trimming – I’d use this for another outfit for sure!

Dark Green Footless Tights
Now, wear a pair of footless tights underneath your dress – either in a shade of dark forest green or black. Preferably, you should go for an opaque kind.

Violet Flats
Lastly, a pair of violet flats! These look extremely comfy and the positive reviews seem to agree

Dress up as the Other Emotions

Inside out - Joy's Outfit Cosplay

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