Fear Costume

Inside Out (Pixar)

Dress up as Fear

Ahhh fear, you are my spirit animal… er, emotion. Get preppy and dress up as the almost wispy emotion!

It will be hard to look for a thin spiral wig similar to fear’s but you can instead use some heavy duty hair styling gel (Crisco maybe?) to make a few strands of your hair stand out like that.

Finish off with a pair of office pants and shoes

Dress up as Fear from Inside Out

Lilac Face Paint
Fear is a nice shade of light purple. Slather on some lilac face paint all over your face and body

Houndstooth Vest
Wear a vest in a black and white houndstooth pattern. Be sure the vest is spacious enough to accommodate an Oxford shirt underneath

Red Bowtie
The red bowtie really stands out against the black and white vest!

Striped Oxford Shirt
Underneath the vest, wear a pinstriped shirt, which you could definitely wear to work on another day

Dress up as the Other Emotions

Inside out - Joy's Outfit Cosplay

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