Joy Costume

Inside Out (Pixar)

Dress up as Joy

Be a bundle of joy in your next costume event! Dress up as the happy-go-lucky emotion and bring on the hyper energy!

Makeup: Blue eyebrows

Inside out - Joy's Outfit Cosplay

Yellow Face Paint
Slather on yellow paint all over your face and body to look like a walking ray of sunshine!

Blue Short Wig
Go for a blue wig with a pixie cut! Use some styling product to bring up some of the hair on the back

Green Dress with Sunburst Pattern
What you want is a bright dress that screams, happiness! The cut of this dress isn’t the same as Joy’s but I think the sunflower-like pattern and skater skirt makes it a good choice.

Yellow Ball
Next, bring a yellow foam ball “memory” as your prop! This is a 4-inch ball which, for me, is just the perfect size

Dress up as the Other Emotions


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