Dress up as Sadness

Inside Out (Pixar)

Dress up as Sadness

Look and feel blue when you dress up as sadness! Trivia: she was drawn to look like a teardrop. Just please stay inside your circle!

Dress up as Sadness - Inside Out Pixar

Blue Wig
Like Joy, Sadness has blue hair but Sadness’ hair is drooped down just like her spirits. I love that this wig even has that extra detail at one end

Round Eyeglasses
Wear a pair of eyeglasses with a round thick black frame. This pair does not have any lens – perfect for costume purposes.

Blue Face Paint
Paint your face and body a shade of sky blue

Long-Sleeved Knitted Turtleneck Sweater
Sadness is always associated with the rain and cold weather, so it’s appropriate that she is wearing a thick sweater. Match this with a simple pair of blue jeans

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