Mouse Finbar Costume

Jumanji 2 Movie (2017)

Dress up as Mouse Finbar (Kevin Hart)

Anthony “Fridge” Johnson got the “short” end of the stick when he chose Moose Finbar and realized it’s not Moose Finbar… It’s Mouse Finbar! Dress up as the funny zoologist.

Mouse Finbar - Kevin Hart Jumanji Costume

Safari Hat with Strap
First thing you need is a safari hat with the strap

Red Handkerchief
Next, wear a red handkerchief on your neck.

Camo Vest
Wear a camo vest

My favorite part. Bring a backpack along with you and add a lot of bulky stuff inside since you are Smolder Bravestone’s weapon caddy

Brown Low-Cut Boots
Wear a pair of brown low-cut boots

Red Shoelace
For that extra touch, change the sholaces of your boots to red ones, just like the one Moose/Mouse wears

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