Spanky Costume

Little Rascals (90s)

Dress up as Spanky

Spanky is against Alfalfa and Darla dating. You know what they say – bros before hoes!

Costume - Spanky - Little Rascals

Beanie / Newsboy Cap
As the president of the “He-Man Women Hater’s Club”, imagine his surprise and disdain when he finds out his best friend has betrayed him by dating a girl. Yuck!

His hat is a vintage-looking beanie newsboy cap. I wasn’t able to find one with different colors, but I think this one gets the look across well enough

Gray Hoodie
Spanky wears a plain gray hoodie, a size too big for him. You may want to buy a loose hoodie as well. Pair with a loose pair of pants, white socks, and sneakers

Pete the Pup

Face Paint Makeup
If you have a canine companion, you may want to consider drawing a circle around his eye, just like Spanky’s buddy, Pete the Pup

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