Darla Costume

Little Rascals (90s)

Dress up as Darla

Darla is the very reason behind the story that was set in motion. Alfalfa, a member of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club, falls for Darla, which is a no-no for a girl-haters club! Darla’s outfit is very cute and sweet – it’s a fun little look to wear to a costume party! Get your beau to dress up as Alfalfa (costume guide here).

Darla Costume - Little Rascals

White Lace Parasol / Umbrella
During her boat ride date with Alfalfa, she looks all girly, holding a white parasol!

Sailor Scarf
You can get this sailor scarf and hat set and place the scarf over a basic sleeveless white shirt (keep the hat for a future costume idea!)

Sailor Blouse
Here’s a cute interpretation of the sailor blouse! Can definitely be recycled for an anime costume in the future :)

Gray Skater Skirt
She wears a grayish skirt that works perfectly with the blouse. Darla (or her mother) has a pretty good fashion sense doesn’t she? This skirt can be a good everyday wardrobe staple. For the shoes, she wears a pair of sneakers and white socks

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