Alfalfa Costume

Little Rascals (90s)

Dress up as Alfalfa

Who could ever forget Alfalfa’s strange hairstyle? Be sure to get some gel and roll up a few strands of your hair to mimic Alfalfa’s pointy do. Alfalfa’s fashion style is pretty archaic (unless Larry King was his fashion inspiration) – bow tie and suspenders.

For couples: Get your girlfriend to dress up as Darla (costume guide here).

Alfalfa Little Rascals costume outfit

Red Bow Tie
His bow tie is red with a very grown-up pattern like this piece. Tip: you can reuse this bow tie again by dressing up as any of these characters here

Suspenders with Button Clips
If you notice on the photo, Alfalfa’s suspenders have these wishbone-shaped strap clips at the end that hook to the pants. This pair of suspenders fits the bill and is pretty affordable, too!

Light Pink Oxford Shirt
Wear a basic Oxford shirt – I’m sure most of you have one lying around in your office wardrobe already. For the pants, get a nice pair of slacks then fold the bottom until a little above the ankle, like Alfalfa’s look. Then, wear a pair of white socks and black office shoes

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