Dress up as Vanellope Von Schweetz

Wreck-it Ralph Costumes

Dress up as Vanellope Von Schweetz

I love Vanellope’s look! It’s a yummy combination of mint and pops of candy colors. Her hair is just tied into a ponytail but they’ve got sprinkles and other candies stuck onto her, to tie in with the video game she belongs to – “Sugar Rush”. You can opt to place real candies on your hair but if you’d like to avoid swarms of ants (and other sweet tooths) from chomping on your hair, consider this great alternative – use small confetti bits of colorful crepe paper and some cute hair clips. Three noticeable shapes on her hair include a yellow star, a heart, and a pink gummy bear.

vanellope costume - wreck-it ralph

As you can see in the picture above, she has a few pops of hot pink on her outfit. Here’s a cute idea to do this – wear some hot pink shoe laces.

Red Twist Hair Tie
First up: your hair candy! Put your hair up in a high ponytail using a read twisty wire hair band

Heart and Star Hair Clip
She has a lot of candies and other cute stuff on her hair which you can mimic using hair clips and some confetti. Some of the distinct shapes you see on her hair include the pink heart and the yellow star (see listing below)

Mint Hoodie
Now for my favorite part of the getup – a mint green hoodie!

Brown Tutu
To mimic her Reese’s wrapper skirt, just get a brown tutu or mini skirt. I love the layers of this particular tutu and the folds on it mimics the wrapper

Green / White Striped Tights
Pair with some green and white striped tights. So happy to announce that someone has mimicked the mismatched look (which I think was a perfect touch to give off that “glitch” vibe).

Black Sneaker Boots
I’d go for mid-cut black shoes. I find this one very cool because it has that chunky edge to it.

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