Trent Lane Costume

Daria (MTV Animated Series)

Dress up as Trent Lane

Trent is a laidback rocker-type slacker who is a member of a garage band – stereotypical, huh? He has a really distinct, cool way of speaking and I must say that like Daria, I had a bit of a crush on him before. It’s fun to dress up as Trent because he’s got tons of accessories!

Trent’s hair is short and spiky and I would really prefer that you attempt this hairstyle by using a nice styling gel, instead of buying a wig. It would look a lot more organic that way.

For his soul patch, you can just use a black eyeliner pencil to draw onto your chin

Side Note: I think Trent Lane was patterned after former MTV VJ, Danny McGill, who also happens to have a band (Power Onions). They both has the same goatee going on

trent cosplay - daria cartoon couple

Clip-on Cartilage Earrings
Like his sister Jane, he sports loop earrings on his right ear. Go for clip-ons like these if you want to avoid the pain of piercing

Guitar Pick Necklace
Not much is said about Trent’s necklace. It’s a simple shape drawn onto his shirt. I’d go for a guitar pick pendant simply because he’s the guitarist of his band. Speaking of, you may also bring a guitar as a prop

Kiwi Colored T-Shirt
So glad I got to see a shirt with the exact hue as Trent’s! This kiwi-colored shirt is perfect!

Distressed Jeans
You can just wear any pair of slim fit jeans you already have in your closet (avoid skinnies as Trent’s jeans are not skinny). But if you’d like that extra oomph, consider purchasing a pair of distressed jeans

Black Wristband
Wear a wristband over his right wrist. There is something so 90s about a wristband on a rocker. Don’t you think? Author’s confession: I went through that phase too (except I was more of a rocker groupie, than an actual rocker haha)

Temporary Tattoo
The man’s got a lot of tattoos! One on each upper arm and then another tattoo print on his inner lower arm. You can purchase temporary tats or tattoo ink to draw the exact same pattern that is on Trent’s arms – mostly lines and dots

Rings for Men
Lastly, stock up on six cool inexpensive rings like this one and wear on the three center fingers on each hand

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jane lane from daria outfit cosplay
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