Jane Lane Costume

Daria (MTV Animated Series)

Dress up as Jane Lane

I love Jane’s outfit. I’d wear it even outside a Halloween / costume party. And it just so happens the shorts-tights combination is a fashion trend these days

Makeup: red lips

jane lane from daria outfit cosplay

Short Black Wig
Jane’s hairstyle is very unique. It will involve hair styling products to get that very fixed, almost triangular shape going on. Get one side of your hair to cover your face partially. This wig is not an exact replica but could be something you can work with, with a few extra touches and styling here and there.

Cartilage Clip on Earrings
To get that punk touch, wear loop earrings on your cartilage. To avoid the pain of peircing, you can get these clip-on pieces!

Red Boyfriend Blazer
The boyfriend blazer is very cool and has a nice structured fit to it – perfect for the artist. Fold up the sleeves

Black V-Neck with White Trim
Look for a black V-neck top with white trimming on the neck area like this one.

Plain Black V-Neck Top
Or, you can get a plain black v-neck top then use some white tape to recreate the V-Neck detail

Short Pants
Wear a pair of comfy casual short pants – ideally with cuff details at the bottom. If you can find one in a nice charcoal shade, that would be perfect! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one, so these dark denims should suffice

Black Tights
Now for the fun part, pair the short pants with black tights! I LOVE tights with short pants!

Black Lace Military Boots
The best friends both wear lace military boots!

* Source of photo (sans the labels): vinciini.deviantart.com

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jane lane from daria outfit cosplay
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