Quinn Morgendorffer’s Outfit

Daria (MTV Animated Series)

Dress up as Quinn Morgendorffer

Quinn is the popular kid sister of Daria. Ironically, this diva is a member of the popular fashion club but honestly, I think her trademark outfit wouldn’t pass the “fashionista” standard today. What do you think, fashion police?

Quinn Morgendorffer costume - Daria

Long Orange Wig
The most sophisticated part of Quinn’s look is probably her long orange-hued hair. You may want to part the bangs a bit so they fall evenly on all sides like Daria’s sister does.

Pink Crop Top
Wear a basic pink crop top.

Now for some DIY to get the smiley graphic print: print a smiley face on a piece of bond paper, just big enough to be placed in the center of your shirt. Cut around the face, then stick onto your shirt using double-sided tape.

Pink Smiley Face shirt
Option 2: there is a smiley face graphic tee available but this isn’t cropped. To get the crop look, tuck the bottom part of the shirt underneath until your midriff is showing, then pin or stitch loosely, to make a faux crop cut. I find this design so appropriate for Quinn since she would probably the queen of emojis if she were born in this current era

Blue Flared Jeans
Quinn channels the hippie side by wearing a pair of bell bottoms. Based on the photo and reviews, this particular pair is perfect! I love that it’s tight on the thighs just like Quinn’s pants are. It makes for a more attractive finish.

Belt with Buckle
Wear a belt with a distinct buckle like this one.

Brown Ankle Booties
The shoes Quinn wears aren’t drawn with much detail but they seem to be ankle-high heels – I would go for this pair of booties – a fashionable piece I’d wear on a day at the mall

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