Dress up as Daria

Daria (MTV Animated Series)

Dress up as Daria Morgendorffer

Don’t let the cynical, deadpan, non-conformist shell fool you – Daria is one stylish girl!

Try to be in character during your cosplay – say “Eep!” when someone mentions Trent.

Daria costume cartoon

Thick Framed Round Glasses
Before Harry Potter came around, Daria was already rocking the round frames! The non-comformist wears a pair of glasses with a thick round frame.

Orange Camisole
Wear an orange top underneath the green jacket. Any style will do – all you need is that little pop of orange peeking from underneath her jacket

Dark Green Fleece Jacket
She wears a zip jacket without any hood. This fleece jacket is perfect if your costume event takes place during the nippy weather. Unzip a tad (to show the inner shirt) and fold the collar out. Don’t mind the thumbnail – this link should lead you to a dark green piece.

Dark Green Cardigan Sweater
If you want a lighter / thinner material than the fleece jacket, then this polyester jacket would do the trick

Black Skater Skirt
She pairs her sweater with a cute pleated mini skirt. I’d go for this skater skirt – a versatile piece in your wardrobe

Black Lace Combat Boots
Finally – the piece that screams 90s in my opinion – a pair of black lace combat boots!

Other Daria Characters

jane lane from daria outfit cosplay
trent cosplay - daria cartoon couple
Quinn Morgendorffer costume - Daria
Brittany Taylor Outfit from Daria cartoon

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