Brittany Taylor Costume

Daria (MTV Animated Series)

Dress up as Brittany Taylor

Go full on ditzy as blonde cheerleader stereotype, Brittany Taylor! I would highly recommend bringing some other Daria characters along with you when you dress up as Brittany as she resembles a lot of other cheerleaders.

Brittany Taylor Outfit from Daria cartoon

Blonde Pigtails Wig
Brittany sports blonde pigtails.

Yellow Pom Poms
Of course she needs pom poms to cheer Lawndale High and her quarterback boyfriend (oh the stereotypes!), Kevin

Cheerleader Uniform
This cheerleader uniform follows a yellow, white, and blue motif.

Other Daria Characters

Daria costume cartoon
jane lane from daria outfit cosplay
trent cosplay - daria cartoon couple
Quinn Morgendorffer costume - Daria

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