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Dress up as Lori Beth Allen

If you’re thinking of a couple costume, then Richie and Lori Beth would be a sweet throwback idea! Lori Beth would later on be Richie’s wife in the show. Her most distinct fashion style is the scarf around her neck.

Lori Beth happy days costume

Pink Turtleneck Top
Lori wears a pink turtleneck top in several episodes.

She ties a neckerchief around her neck, tucked slightly underneath the turtleneck. The exact print isn’t available but I say go for anything that rocks your boat – preferably a print with a sophisticated feel to it like this one.

Black Skirt
I can’t exactly tell what kind of skirt she wears, and I don’t remember anymore, but I would say it might be a full circle skirt since the movie was set in the 50s.

Here’s a look at Lori and Richie together:

richie and lori beth

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