Richie Cunningham’s Outfit

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Dress up as Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard)

Introducing the star of the show (though often overshadowed by Fonzie in my opinion) – Richie Cunningham, played by none other than legendary Ron Howard! He sports a very simple attire – a letter jacket. He reminds me of Archie Andrews, since they even have slightly similar hair.

Richie’s outfit is SUPER simple – a varsity jacket and a checkered button down underneath. A pair of blue jeans and voila – you are now the All American guy everyone loved!

Couples: dress up as Richie and Lori Beth!

Best friends: dress up as Richie and Fonzie

Happy Days richie ron howard costume

Checkered Button Down
Get yourself a crisp checkered button down shirt.

Red Varsity Jacket
Wear a red varsity jacket. If you can iron on

Letter W iron-on
For that added touch, iron on or sew a letter W on the left chest side of the jacket.

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