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Dress up as Carol Pinky Tuscadero

Pinky is the hip chick who worked as a traveling demolition derby driver. She was the perfect compliment to the very personification of cool – Fonzie! Couples can dress up as Pinky and Fonzie – motorcycle optional but a cool addition to your ensemble ;)

Pinky’s costume is all about the color – you guessed it – pink!

Pinky Tuscadero Outfit Costume - Happy Days

Her hair accessory:
pinky tuscadero hair band happy days cosplay

Pink Scarf for the Hair
In several instances, she is seen wearing a sheer pink scarf wrapped around her hair. The 50s era was known for using scarves as headpieces or neckerchiefs.

Pink Short-Sleeved Button Down Shirt
Get yourself a pink short-sleeved oxford shirt, keep it unbuttoned, then tie the lower part to create a crop top like the picture above. She has a very gutsy look, even in today’s standards, don’t you think?

White Shorts
Now, wear a tight-fitting pair of short shorts. Majority of the reviews have been good so you are bound to rock this pair!

Pink Cowboy Boots
Now for some pink cowboy boots! How cute is this pair? There are even some studs on the boots for that added oomph – they pair nicely with her bling bracelet

Studded Black Bracelet
For the final piece – wear a black bracelet with studs for that touch of punk rock!

Pink Cardigan
An alternative to the tied button down – a cardigan, which she wore in some episodes. Unbutton the first few to give that V-neck look

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