Claire Standish Outfit (Molly Ringwald)

The Breakfast Club

Dress up as “Princess” Claire Standish (Molly Ringwald)

I LOVE Claire’s look. Even considering wearing it out one of these days!
Other accessories you can bring: a sling bag and a thin wristwatch worn on the right wrist. You can even bring sushi hehe!

Have your beau dress up as John Bender for an awesome retro couple costume!

Claire Breakfast Club Costume - Molly Ringwald

Curly / Messy Short Hair
Claire has messy short ginger hair. Its red orange hue has a cartoonic, cosplay quality to it.

Curly / Messy Short Hair
This is another alternative, though this is more of a blonde hue.

White Neckerchief
She wears a white neckerchief tucked underneath a pink V-neck tee

Loose Pink V-Neck Shirt
I chose this tee because it has a nice loose fit and a deep V-neck like the one Claire wore. Fold the sleeves a bit and tuck into your skirt

Brown Corduroy Maxi Skirt
Claire’s skirt is long and seems to be made from cowhide, but this corduroy one is a good alternative and should give you a very hip style. Ideally put up the skirt a bit so that your boots are more visible

Thin Brown Belt
If you decide to buy a skirt without any belt included, consider buying this nice basic skinny brown belt

Knee-length Boots
This pair looks like a winner, and has received mostly positive responses.

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