Erudite Faction Fashion

Divergent / Insurgent Movie

Erudite Faction

Blue represents knowledge which is why Erudite fashion sense is essentially office attire in shades of blue and white.

Table of Contents:

Dress up as Erudite (for Women)

Go for a vest over Oxford shirt look then pair with blue pants or a blue skirt.

Erudite Faction Costume for Women

White Oxford Shirt
The white oxford shirt is an office wardrobe staple.

Blue Vest
Royal blue is a favorite shade among the Erudite faction members, and this vest fits the bill perfectly. Layer over the White Oxford shirt.

Royal Blue Pencil Skirt
Wear a royal blue pencil skirt like this one, or royal blue pants.

Blue Mary Jane
For the shoes – Blue Mary Janes

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Dress up as Erudite (for Men)

For the men, the same theme prevails – office attire in shades of blue and white. Some men wear royal blue pants, but if you would like to keep it conservative, dark blue pants are also an option. Finish with a pair of blue Oxford shoes.

Erudite Faction Outfit - Men

Blue Sport Coat
Wear a royal blue sport coat over an Oxford shirt.

Blue Oxford Shoes
These shoes are just the perfect touch of casual and office formal.

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