Dress up as Four (Tobias) / Dauntless (Men)

Divergent / Insurgent Movie

Dress up as Four / Dauntless (for Men)

Check out the faction tattoo below which Four wears on his back. Dauntless men have that military vibe going on – which is appropriate since the Dauntless faction is responsible for security.

Turn this into a couple costume by getting your significant other to dress up as Tris.

Four Tobias Divergent Movie Costume

Military Jacket
Go for a jacket with lots of hardware and pocket details, like this one

Divergent Tattoos of Four
If you’re very confident going shirtless to your cosplay event, then consider placing the divergent faction tattoos on your back like Four did. The movie interpretation of his tattoo is pretty elaborate, consisting also of some embellishments around the faction logos, but you can just keep it simple and place the faction icons in a column, like the photo above.

Other Characters / Divergent Factions


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