Tris Insurgent Costume / Dauntless Faction Style

Divergent / Insurgent Movie

Dress up as Tris / Dauntless (for Women)

Want to dress up as the Dauntless? Think black / dark shades. The faction’s style is basically modern military with a touch of rock star. You can also wear Tris’ sleeveless vest outfit during several scenes from the Insurgent movie.

Thinking of a couple costume? Have your man dress up as Four.

Tris Insurgent Divergent Outfit - Tattoo - Dauntless

Sleeveless Leather Vest Jacket
This jacket looks awesome and even has a bustier to give it a structured look.

Tris Tattoos
Want to dress up as Tris? Then wear the three bird tattoos on your left, near the collarbone.

Black Sleeveless Leather Jacket
If you prefer a black jacket, then consider this piece.

Motorcycle Boots
Wear a slim pair of dark-colored pants and finish off with boots. These motorcycle boots will have you looking dauntless and fierce in no time!

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