Amity Faction Outfits

Divergent / Insurgent Movie

Amity Faction

Think gypsy / boho fashion and earth tones when it comes to the Amity faction!

Table of Contents:

Dress up as Amity (for Women)

Boho gypsy is the name of the game for women of Amity! I have to say I find life as an Amity faction member to be the best – you get to live in a very nice, quaint piece of nature, and wear beautiful earth tones.

Amity faction outfit for women

Tiered Maxi Dress
My first pick would be this gorgeous dress – it has a tiered hemline with subtle ruffle trimmings, just like the one on the picture above. At the same time, it looks absolutely perfect for a summer day, so you’re sure to wear this piece outside your costume party / cosplay event. The only thing I’m not completely sold is the hue. The hue is lovely, but not as bright as the one in the movie. I still think it’s a great catch from BCBGeneration

Orange Summer Dress
An orange summer dress like this one should do the trick as well.

Green Cardigan
Layer with an unbuttoned green cardigan.

Red Vest
Another Amity outfit option: Instead of a cardigan, wear a long yellow sweater over your dress (or pair with an orange maxi skirt), then finish off with an unbuttoned red vest / sleeveless jacket like this one (gives a very nice hippie vibe, don’t you think?)

Red Flats
For the shoes, a pair of red ballet flats. Something comfy so you retain your peaceful demeanor ;)

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Dress up as Amity (for Men)

Amity boys stick to the deeper earth tones. Some wear vests or blazers; others, just a simple long-sleeve tee. For the shoes – either sandals, or rugged loafers or oxfords.

Amity faction outfit for men

Red Vest
Here’s a vest-type of cardigan you can sport. Keep it unbuttoned

Henley Long Sleeve Top
I would go for a henley long sleeve top because it has that outdoor vibe that fits the Amity faction perfectly. Plus, the shade of green of this one is just absolutely perfect! The link shows a perfect red version as well

Sandals for Men
The Amity sandals show a lot of straps just like this piece from Skechers

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