Jeanine Matthews – Insurgent Costume

Divergent / Insurgent Movie

Dress up as Jeanine Matthews (Insurgent)

A stern face, a striking royal blue dress, and bandages are all you need to dress up as the Erudite faction leader, Jeanine Matthews. Keep your hair in a very tight bun to give you that no-nonsense look. As an additional prop, you can bring a tablet as though you were taking tests on your Divergent subjects.

Get some of your friends to dress up as your Erudite minions here.

Jeanine Matthews Outfit Insurgent Divergent Movie

Cotton Bandages
Wrap bandage around your right wrist.

Royal Blue Dress
This is a sophisticated piece from the Jessica Simpson line. The black details adds that extra air of authority to the outfit.

Black Peep Toe Pumps
Look very in charge and put together with a pair of high-heeled peep toe pumps.

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