Tori (Maggie Q) Costume

Divergent / Insurgent Movie

Dress up as Tori (Dauntless)

Tori is one of the most bad-ass Dauntless members and she has an elaborate getup that is fun to wear.

Get your friends to dress up as Dauntless as well: check out Dauntless fashion for women (Tris) or Dauntless fashion for men (Four)

Tori Costume Divergent Insurgent Movie

Start off with some dreadlock hair extensions. Just a few here and there

Green Hair Extension
Then, add a few green hair extensions on both sides.

Bullet Belt
In the photo above, she wears a belt with bullets. You can go for this belt, which has those decorative bullet details

Tribal Tattoo
For the tattoo, go for a tribal design like this one. Wear it across both arms; start below your elbow downward

Leather Motorcycle Pants
Finish off your rock star look with a pair of leather pants

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