Shana Elmsford Costume

Jem and the Holograms

Dress up as Shana Elmsford (Holograms)

Shana Elmsford’s palette is purple. She is the drummer and fashion designer of the Holograms so we have her to thank for all the awesome styles!

Makeup: light orange / brown around her eyes, light pink sharp edges painted on both checks, red lips.

Shana elmsford cosplay holograms

Purple Wig
Get yourself a poofy purple wig. This is a blue-purple hue

Bandage Dress
Wear a tight purple sleeveless dress. This is a great piece that features a shiny material – perfect for a glam concert. You can definitely wear this to a party after your costume gig.

White Military / Moto jacket
Shana cleverly adds an edge to her sophisticated dress by layering it with a moto jacket. All the studs on this jacket accomplishes that pop of punk.

White Strappy Heels
A pair of white strappy heels. The ankle strap adds that extra sexy touch and the gems add even more glamour to the outfit

An ingenious (and inexpensive) prop idea: bring a pair of drumsticks since you’re the band’s drummer

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