Pizzazz Costume (Misfits)

Jem and the Holograms

Dress up as Pizzazz (Misfits)

Pizzazz (Phyllis Gabor) is the lead singer of The Misfits, the antagonist of the show. It somehow implies rock is evil, and pop is good, don’t you think? I actually am more of a rock person myself hehe. In any case, The Misfits fashion revolves around edgy clothing.

Makeup: Pizzazz has fierce lines of makeup over her face in shades of purple and pink.

pizzazz costume jem and holograms

Lime Green and Black Wig
I love this wig! Pizzazz’ hair is actually all green, but I think this fits the Misfits lead singer’s personality – edgy and irreverent.

Lime Green Wig
If you want an all-green wig, then this is an option

Zebra Print Dress
Unfortunately, there is no exact replica of Pizzazz’ iconic dress available that has gotten good reviews. So instead, I would suggest doing a 2-piece interpretation of her outfit – start with this zebra print dress.

Pink Bandeau
You can then wear a hot pink bandeau over it

Long Lime Green Scarf
Use a lime green scarf as a faux belt to wrap around your waist

Green Knee High Socks
Wear a knee high sock on your left leg only. Pair with black high-heeled pumps.

Big Hoop Earrings
Wear big hoop earrings

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