Kimber Benton Cosplay

Jem and the Holograms

Dress up as Kimber Benton (Holograms)

Jem’s little sister, Kimber Benton, has a style of her own, though if you look closely, her makeup is almost exactly like Jem’s – pink around her eyes and pink lips. There is just an additional detail – use some blue eyeliner for your eyebrows. She opts for a simple pair of stud earrings.

Siblings can dress up as Kimber and Jem

Costume Kimber - Jem and Holograms

Red Wig
Get yourself a bright red wig like this one. The bangs add that extra touch.

Red Ruffled Blouse
Get a ruffled blouse in a shade of red or fuschia. What you are especially looking is for that dramatic ruffle effect around the collar which will pop out from your white blazer.

White Blazer
Now, get yourself a blazer, preferably a one-button jacket like this one. Keep it buttoned so that only the ruffles of your blouse show. I chose this one with a double-lapel detail because I think it adds to the dramatic rock star flair of Kimber’s outfit

Light Blue Capri Pants
Get a pair of cropped pants in a light blue shade. I would remove the belt.

Pink Pumps
You can get pink pumps to match Jem’s shoes

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