Aja Leith – Outfit

Jem and the Holograms

Dress up as Aja Leith (Holograms)

The lead guitarist of The Holograms looks extremely cool in her blue ensemble.

For her makeup: blue eyeliner for the eyebrows, light pink around the eyes (same shape as Jem and Kimber’s) Add a blue star on your left cheek, and a blue wavy line on the right cheek. Light pink lips

Costume Aja - Jem and Holograms

Blue Wig
First up: her blue wig. This wig has been getting consistently good reviews.

Lavender Boatneck Top
Wear a boatneck top in a lovely shade of lavender. I suggest wearing one with batwing sleeves – it adds that extra touch to the outfit.

Asymmetrical / Origami Skort
I’d go for an origami skort with those asymmetrical layered details for the bottom. I think it’s a modern interpretation of the skirt on the photo, since the one on the photo has that flap detail too.

Sheer Lavender Tights
Get a pair of semi-sheer tights in a shade between blue and purple. This lavender tinge is cute!

Fingerless Gloves (Purple)
In certain occasions, she wears purple fingerless gloves

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