Roxy Costume (Misfits)

Jem and the Holograms

Dress up as Roxy (Misfits)

Misfits Bassist, Roxanne “Roxy” Pellegrini is the tough bad-a** off the group and her outfit reflects that personality.

Makeup: mimic a flame-like shape on her eyes, using light purple and light orange (yellow gold). Use the light orange makeup to paint three slanted lines on your right cheek (like Stormer). On the other cheek, an edgy light purple shape like Pizzazz’

roxy - jem and holograms cosplay

White Wig
Her hair is stark white and it is a beautiful, striking contrast to her black top!

Black Sleveeless Shirt
Wear a basic black sleeveless shirt

Black Sleeve Extension / Arm Warmer
Now for the fun part. On your left arm,wear a black arm warmer so that it looks like your shirt has only one sleeve.

Chain Necklace
Wear chain necklace. Ideally, buy 2 (one 24 inch long and another around 18 inches long) and then layer it out. You can easily choose the length you want once you go to the item page

Bright Colored Leggings
An exact replica of the bottom is nowhere to be found but you can easily substitute with leggings in a striking neon color like this one. The black diamond print adds an edginess to it.

Two Toned Pants
Here’s another idea: get yourself a pair of two-toned pants. This one features a yellow leg and a green leg. Reviews say to order a size up it seems.

Neon Green Waist Belt
To add an extra pop of color to your top, wear a neon green waist belt like this one. The shade is a perfect match!

Fuschia Peep Toe Heels
This is an interesting, intricate pair of heels

Diamond Shaped Earrings
Finally, wear diamond shaped earrings for that edgy, kitschy touch

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