Jem Costume

Jem and the Holograms

Dress up as Jem (Jerrica Benton)

The main star of the show (Jerrica Benton’s outrageous alter-ego) is all about the color PINK! Unfortunately, you can’t just touch your hologram earrings and say “Showtime Synergy” to look like her. To score her style and look like the glamorous rock star, you’d need to check out the costume pieces below!

Makeup: As expected, it is also pink. Color around your eyes to create a cut circle of sorts (see photo below for a closeup of that). Add some pink lipstick and you’re good to go

Siblings can dress up as Jem and Kimber

jem holograms costume pink outfit

Pink Fluffy Wig
This first wig option is this wig which has a very big volume – I think it works well with Jem’s look

Pink Wig
This wig, on the other hand, has a straight cut, and an equally beautiful shade of pink

Hologram Star Earrings
Finally! The replica hologram earrings are available online, and they even light up!

Pink Wrap Dress
This has that overlapping detail that Jem’s dress has. The great thing about this is that on its own, it has the potential to be a stylish office attire staple. Combined with all the other details, it can be transformed into a Jem costume!

Red Fringed Waist Belt
For the waist band details, I’d go for this red waist belt, intended for belly dancers. It has that sparkly touch to it and the fringes are outrageously eye-catching! You may want to trim the fringes too if you’d like.

Pink Pumps
These pumps are awesome!

Glittery Microphones
For an additional prop, consider bringing along a glammed-up microphone toy!

Red Bracelets
These layered red bracelets have that awesome, punk touch

Other Characters from Jem and the Holograms Cartoon

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The Stingers


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